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Luke Phillips

Subtitle Ok

I have a little problem. When I watch a movie with Emby app I have a choice for subtitles but no subtitle appear when I choose. But when I see the same movie with a web interface (with safari on my phone) the subtitle works.

subtitle ok

The Emby for iOS 1.5 still have this bug (iOS 9.3.3) and the safari browser still cannot display Chinese subtitles when playing the same movieChinese subtitles can be displayed in the chrome browser.

Disney Plus on Hisense lets you enjoy some of the most popular programs in the world, including the Mandalorian, Loki, and Star Wars. Best of all, you can watch them with subtitles. You can enable them in just a few seconds:

Enabling subtitles on your Hisense TV is a great way to enjoy previously inaccessible content. It overcomes the language barrier, allowing you access to the most popular foreign-language movies and TV shows. It also works great for clarifying muffled audio and lets you understand your favorite entries better.

I just bought the new Samsung ue48js9000 uhd and cannot play SRT subtitles via DLNA / Network (tried cable and Wifi) with WD my book live 4TB. Embebed subtitles in MKV play ok. SRT subtitles play ok if connected via USB drive to OCB.

Occasionaly the SRT files downloaded from varous online sites are not formatted properly. You may need to either check the SRT file to ensure it has the proper structure and formattign for SRT subtitles. Or download another SRT file from another subtitle site if you have obtained the SRT file from an online site.

If the older Samsung sets (2013 f7000 and 2011 d6500) properly display SRT subtitle files via DLNA from the WD My Cloud, that would indicate a problem with your new Samsung JS9000 TV and its built in DLNA client software/application. If this is the case then you should contact Samsung to see if there is a firmware or app update for your TV.

User interface updated. now while watching an on demand show or live press the down button on the remote and then the left button on the remote to the rectangular icon of a spoken word and when it is yellow, press the OK button and select your options (for example "subtitles" = English.

I. Subtitles for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing (SDH)This section applies to subtitles for the deaf and hard of hearing created for English language content (i.e. intralingual subtitles). For English subtitles for non-English language content, please see Section II

Text in each line in a dual speaker subtitle must be a contained sentence and should not carry into the preceding or subsequent subtitle. Creating shorter sentences and timing appropriately helps to accommodate this. 041b061a72


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