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Let's start with what's new...or kind of new. Living rosters are frequent updates you can download throughout the season to make sure your rosters are up to date. All decisions on rosters and ratings are made by a single person known as the 2K Insider. At the time of this review only one roster update had been released, and it consisted solely of roster moves. But if things go as planned, roster moves are just one way living rosters will affect the game. If a player is on a hot streak, for instance, the Insider will bump up his ratings accordingly until he cools off; if a rookie turns out to be a ridiculous dunker, the living rosters will be updated to reflect his prowess. Nobody's ever going to say that up-to-date rosters aren't a good thing, but as far as being touted as the game's biggest feature, living rosters are underwhelming.

NBA 2K9 Free Download Game Full

Signature player shots and outstanding animation are series staples, but it's the little things 2K9 does that make its presentation better than ever. The arenas look amazing thanks to raucous crowds, packed sidelines, mascots, coaches, and ball boys. On their own these things may seem insignificant, but as a whole they do a great job of replicating the atmosphere of a real NBA game. In fact, from the default gameplay camera view, there aren't a whole lot of faults to notice--it looks like you're watching a live game. Only during replays and free throws do the few visual flaws--a choppy frame rate and player models that are starting to look a bit dated--become apparent. Neither of these affects the gameplay, but the inconsistent frame rate does make it difficult to enjoy the otherwise impressive replays when the announcers (accurately) break down the game between quarters. Two things that do affect gameplay, however, are the Gatorade logos at the beginning of the half and the play-calling menus. Both obscure a large portion of the screen, often making it impossible to see the ball handler. This is inexcusable.

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