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Sundown Cinema returns for 2022 just in time for another summer in San Francisco. This free outdoor movie series, the only one of its kind in the Bay Area, will feature eight films in eight parks across San Francisco, beginning with Sister Act II at Dolores Park on May 27, 2022.

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New laws were enacted in the 20th century. One example is Louisville, Kentucky, whose mayor proposed a law in 1911 that would restrict black people from owning property in certain parts of the city.[19] This city ordinance reached public attention when it was challenged in the U.S. Supreme Court case Buchanan v. Warley in 1917. Ultimately, the court decided that the laws passed in Louisville were unconstitutional, thus setting the legal precedent that similar laws could not exist or be passed in the future.[19] This one legal victory did not stop towns from developing into sundown towns. City planners and real estate companies used their power and authority to ensure that white communities remained white, and black communities remained black. These were private individuals making decisions to personally benefit themselves, their companies' profits, or their cities' alleged safety, so their methods in creating sundown towns were often ignored by the courts.[20] In addition to unfair housing rules, citizens turned to violence and harassment in making sure black people would not remain in their cities after sundown.[21] Whites in the North felt that their way of life was threatened by the increased minority populations moving into their neighborhoods and racial tensions started to build. This often boiled over into violence, sometimes extreme, such as the 1943 Detroit race riot.[22]

Additionally, Loewen writes that sundown status meant more than just that African Americans were unable to live in these towns. Any black people who entered or were found in sundown towns after sunset were subject to harassment, threats, and violence, including lynching.[23]

From 1851 to at least 1876, Antioch, California, had a sundown ordinance that barred Chinese residents from being out in public after dark.[32] In 1876, white residents drove the Chinese out of town and then burned down the Chinatown section of the city.[32]

In 2019, sociologist Heather O'Connell wrote that sundown towns are "(primarily) a thing of the past",[42] but writer Morgan Jerkins disagreed, saying: "Sundown towns have never gone away."[4] Historian James W. Loewen notes persisting effects of sundown towns' violently enforced segregation even after they may have been integrated to a small degree, a phenomenon he calls "second-generation sundown towns."[4]

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