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Gambit 246 License 260 ^NEW^

ap is a for-profit, publicly-traded company that owns and operates the ap network, including more than 650 news and information sites, including ap news, ap mobile, the ap youtube channel, the ap images photo library, ap hosted, and the ap research service. ap is the world's leading provider of original news and multimedia content. ap employees and third-party contractors created the articles at issue in this lawsuit. the articles are stored in the ap system. most of the articles in the ap system are owned by ap or its licensees. the ap system is the nation's largest content repository and the largest english language multimedia repository.

Gambit 246 License 260

ap's business model is to offer its members a standard membership rate of $20 per month for unlimited access to its news and multimedia content. ap's licensees are content providers who pay ap the standard membership rate and are authorized to use the ap network as a conduit to provide content to its own members. for example, ap's licensee, micronews, is a website that serves as a news portal for its parent company, micron technology. ap's other licensees include viacom's, the nfl's, and the united states tennis association. micronews and provide their users with a subscription fee of $60 per month, which is based on the number of web pages viewed by the user.

in february 2012, meltwater and ap entered into a license agreement for the use of the articles at issue in this lawsuit. the license agreement was for a term of seven years and automatically renews for a seven-year term unless terminated by either party.


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