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The Ultimate Guide to Air - Talkie Walkie (2004-MP3-320), the Album that Influenced M83, Phoenix, and Daft Punk

so after working with microsoft, we found a way to do that: teams allows users to switch between their regular chat and a walkie talkie. this is a feature that's been a long time coming. we want to make it easier to communicate in any location, so we're excited to be able to bring this feature to more zebra customers.

Air - Talkie Walkie (2004-MP3-320)

as you might imagine, there are many small ways in which a walkie talkie is different from a regular radio, and that's where the communication that's required to make a workable walkie talkie comes in. for example, a walkie talkie has to be able to work in a large space like a warehouse, and it must be easy to carry around. it also has to be able to survive in dusty conditions. it must be able to withstand the kind of abuse that people give to their radios in warehouses. and, since the frequency range of a walkie talkie is often used by law enforcement, it needs to be resistant to audio interference. in addition, a walkie talkie is very different from a regular radio, and that difference is reflected in its battery life. a regular radio can last years on a single set of batteries, while a walkie talkie may only last a few months. it has to be that way because a walkie talkie is a one-way channel.

however, the motorola t600 has its own upsides. the t600 can be used as a two-way radio (not all walkie talkies can), and offers more channel memory than the x-talker t10. it also has voice recognition software, so users can make recordings of conversations with the option of uploading them to the internet later. to make it even more versatile, the t600 can be used with a standard two-way radio, so if you want an ordinary radio that you can use with the x-talker t10 or other radios, the t600 is a good choice.


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