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Sim Tower For PC Download

Like the other open-ended "sims" by Maxis, the goal is to build and make a profit, in this case, the goal is to build a skyscraper. You can add apartments, restaurants, offices, elevators, and more. As long as the tower advances in level, additional facilities become available. As usual, random events can ruin your plans. In Sim Tower, you can receive a phone call from terrorists that have placed a bomb in the tower. Who knew Die Hard was popular in Japan too?

Sim Tower For PC Download

We may have multiple downloads for few games when different versions are available.Also, we try to upload manuals and extra documentation when possible. If you have additional files to contribute or have the game in another language, please contact us!

The lead designer, Yoot Saito, who also worked on SimTower, produced this game as a sequel to SimTower, adding several new features while retaining the same general interface and style. The game's premise is largely unchanged from its predecessor; players must build a profitable and unique tower block complete with various amenities and living accommodations, while balancing the needs of the occupants.

Using the provided starting funds, players must begin to build a tower from scratch. As in SimTower, offices and food courts can be built to generate income, as well as condos that can be sold to families. There are plenty of new facilities that can be placed such as rented apartments, vending machines and public restrooms for food court patrons. There are also many changes to existing items that featured in the original game, i.e. a notable difference between the shop item in Yoot Tower and the one originally in SimTower is that it no longer functions as a rented space where the player has no control over what the shop sells; rather the player is provided with different types of shop from the start from which the income they make is part of the player's earnings. Another interesting addition is the ability for players to build two or more towers next to each other and join them with sky bridges. Other income sources also exist, such as placing billboards outside and renting them out as advertisement space.

A new addition of the game is the ability to expand the game using plug-ins released for download which would add new features, such as new facilities (e.g. additional shops, restaurants, and services, ranging from a Glico store to a swimming pool), new events, billboards, and movies, as well as other aspects of gameplay. Inspection of the game's official website through web archives indicates that although the American version never got any true additions, the Japanese version got several updates, including new movies and locations. However, none of these appear to have survived when the official websites relating to the game and its developer OPeNBooK9003 went offline between the years 2001 and 2002. Through translations on the Japanese downloads page, an Austin Powers movie can be downloaded.

This expansion, was released in Japan in February 1999 under the name Towerkit CD-ROM: The Statue of Liberty. It was also originally meant to be available to download from the American official website, but the English version never materialized. The expansion is rare in Japan.

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It has also been brought to my attention that not only does SimTower live on through Tower Up, but there is actually an iPad game from Sim Tower's original developers that has been available on the App Store for quite some time! So if you are interested in further expanding your vertical empire, by actually PLAYING SimTower on your iPad be sure to download Yoot Tower as well. You won't regret it.

SimTower is a skyscraper building simulator where you erect a building and fill it with various rooms like condominiums, office space, apartments, cafes, theaters, and the like, while also monitoring the flow of your patrons with elevators and stairways. Your goal is to layout the building properly and build a tall beautiful that entices renters and ultimately earns you a five-star tower.

An intriguing little spin off from the hugely successful SimCity series, SimTower is very different from its cousins, but presents an experience that is likely to split gamers into two camps. On the one hand there are those who will enjoy its open-ended nature and addictive qualities, while others will find its slow pace frustrating. Gameplay wise, SimTower follows the general idea of earlier games but, as the name suggests, focuses on building and maintaining a tower block, with the ultimate aim of creating a five-star skyscraper. As ever, players must place facilities such as restaurants, gyms and office space while doing their very best to keep their tenants' stress levels down. To keep you on your toes, random events like terrorist attacks, VIP visits or the discovery of hitherto unsuspected gold pop every fairly regularly and which all require careful consideration to deal with in the best way. SimTower maintains the series' sense of accomplishment, and it as satisfying as ever to watch your building become ever more successful and your tenants ever happier. The game's non-linear nature encourages different approaches and strategies, adding to its replay value and while the graphics are nothing spectacular, this can certainly be overlooked. However, a slightly bigger problem which may prove off-putting for many, is the game's slow pace, with a lot of waiting around for resources to build up before you can actually do anything. If you have the patience though, this is a rewarding and addictive little management sim.

This is a very nice little Sims like game in which you must build a tower, inhabitate it, and take care of all there is about managing a building. The game is insanely dynamic, there is always something going on and there is just so much to to. There are even disasters that occur when living in a normal building - I mean, which building game has a roach infestation as part of a game? The game is very original and thought out very well. The point of the game is to make as big highscore as possible, and of course, to keep your occupants pleased. Graphically, the game is not such a pretty sight, but the complexity of the game and the addictiveness easily make up for it. There is no music in this game, only game sounds that are okay, but nothing special. This game is perfect for life simulation lovers, building management lovers and all lovers of a great game. And you should definitely check out Yoot Tower, a fantastic sequel to this great game.

The interface is a tool bar with a set of drop down menus. Though mostly an open-ended sim, the game's "goal" is to achieve a rating of five stars for your tower. This is accomplished by careful management of the tower and the construction of certain key elements at various stages of development.

Maxis takes their Sim-building line vertical with SimTower, an original concept from Japan (where vertical living is much more commonplace than in many parts of the world). Your goal is to build a skyscraper that is both tall, aethestically pleasing, popular, and, most importantly, economically profitable. To be successful, your building cannot just be levels upon levels of officespace, or just an apartment sky-rise, but a multi-functional haven for humanity featuring everything from penthouses to theatres, restaurants to shopping malls. The centerpiece of your tower design is your elevators and proper managment is the key.

You can watch your Sims enter and leave your grand tower, getting impatient waiting for elevators, or having a hectic work day at the office. You can even train in on one or two, to server as a metering stick for their compatriots, or just to peek into the average workday of the little people living in your building. Or watch the security and resuce crews race as distasters like bomb threats and fires rampage through your well-crafted skyscraper.

Anyway, enough memories. The aim of SimTower is to build a hundred story tower block filled with offices, condos, shops, restaurants,a hotel, a cinema and a party hall. Your tower will also need a medical centre, good security, adequate parking and good recycling facilities. The eventual aim is to place a cathedral on the top and win the game.

At the start of SimTower you only have the option to build offices, cafes and condos. I would advise offices as the best place to start as they bring in a weekly rent and the occupants will not be as fussy as those who move into your condos. If you do choose to build condos keep them well away from your offices as the residents will not like the noise of the workers coming and going. Once you have been upgraded to a two-star tower, a hotel is the way to advance. Where offices pay rent by the week, hotel rooms pay by the night so you will see money come in much quicker.

Remember that everyone in your tower is an individual with feelings. If you have 1200 people trying to get into 1 elevator people are going to get stressed. Fortunately, if you have the money, you can put up to 8 elevator cars in one shaft (sounds dangerous to me!) which will reduce those stress levels.

At weekends the office workers will not be in the tower but the shops, restaurants etc. will still be open so think about placing them close to the ground floor, maybe underground. That way people arriving at your tower on a Saturday will not have to take a 80 story elevator ride to get a cup of tea.

There are also a number of random events that can occur, some good, others not so good. Terrorists may bomb your tower so make sure your security is adequate to find any bomb. A security centre is best covering only 6 floors but will be adequate for about 15. After that you will need to build more. On the brighter side you will sometimes find buried treasure when building underground. If not, just look forward to your yearly visit from Santa.


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