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Buy Clip On Reading Light

This is the sort of quintessential LED book light with a clip base and flexible goose neck. It has nine color temperatures and three brightness levels. The battery recharges via a fast USB port and lasts for up to 32 hours on the lowest brightness setting.

buy clip on reading light

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This one is a bit sleeker and more lightweight, with three color temperatures and a dimmable brightness. It also has the USB charging cord built into its flexible body. With the clip removed, it can be left in the book as a bookmark. Battery life is about 20 hours using the lowest brightness level.

This amber light eliminates 99% of eye-straining blue light so as not to disturb melatonin production before bed. It is magnetically mounted and adjustable up to 90 degrees so you can cast light exactly where you need it and not disturb your sleep partner. It is rechargeable by USB to give you up to 48 hours of light.

This one is the most adorable on the list by far. The single-level-brightness LED is powered by a replaceable battery that will last for about 70 hours of shine time. Not a lot of features here, but it is lightweight and can be left in the book as a bookmark. Seems like it would be a hit with the younger readers.

When you are in Sleepy Mood, the Amber mode will create 1600k yellow temperature light to block the blue light and protect your eyes when you are reading calmly in bed.

You can also see the Amber Mode as Night Mode Setting, it lessen the damage to sleep yet still creates enough light for you to read. As it promotes melatonin production in the evening and reduce eye strain, the lack of blue light leads our body to recognize that it's time to separate melatonin and to prepare to sleep, our body clocks can synchronizes with the environment so they can be healthily follow our natural daily wake-sleep cycle.

The 3000k warm light source will easily build up a relaxing atmosphere for you to do Romantic or Novel reading after a long day at work. The soft and sweet temperature get you into the mood immediately, and let you read immersive without noticing the real world. Ideally this is the best light temperature for places where you relax, such as the bedroom, living area or even in the bathroom since this kind of color temperature gives you a cozy feeling.

Natural mode with 5000k color temperatures restore the natural daylight at noon, it can get you focus and concentrate on your reading, and help you with better thinking. Simply consider it as a Working Mode to be used when you are reading documents or text books.

As bookworms ourselves, we notice that we may want to have different levels of brightness when we are reading in different scenarios. It is always good to have more choices especially when the light is portable, that means we can bring it around and use it anywhere.

From soft to strong, you can create a private reading space with a weak level for you alone when your beloved one is sleeping next to you, without disturbing your partner; or create a highly concentrating reading zone when you are doing some serious paperwork.

Book lights (also known as reading lights) are handy for shining a soft light on your pages in the dark, especially if you like to read in bed but don't want to disturb your sleeping partner by keeping a room lamp on for hours. And they're affordable, making them the perfect holiday gift for avid readers.

The Glucusent LED Neck Reading Light is our best overall pick due to its adjustable ergonomic and hands-free design, along with its low price point. It also happens to be the #1 best-selling product in the "book lights" category on Amazon.

This reading light comes in three different colors (gray, blue, and pink), three color temperatures (yellow, warm white, and cool white), and six brightness levels. Its narrow beam angle design allows it to shine bright on the book you're reading while being dim enough to not disturb your partner in bed. In addition, it can work up to 80 hours on one charge and gives off 40 lumens of light.

It comes in black, blue, red, and white with a 360-degree gooseneck design. Its three different brightness levels give off a maximum of 60 lumens while still ensuring the light's color temperature does not affect your eyes at night.

This reading light has four different brightness levels, the highest one being 23 lumens. It can last four hours on a full charge, and its charging port is built right in, so there's no need for a cord to charge your reading light.

This reading light also doubles as a placeholder for where you left off in your book. With 27 colors and designs to choose from, it's a stylish bookmark/book light option. There are even styles geared towards kids.

It's lightweight and thin enough to use as a bookmark, so you can always have it with you and your book of choice. It gives off 8 lumens of light; however, there is only one brightness level, so it cannot be adjusted. Also, keep in mind you'll have to replace the batteries down the line since it is battery-powered.

If you're just looking for a simple, portable reading light, the Dewenwils USB Rechargeable Book Light is a great option. With six different colors (blue, green, black, pink, white, and yellow), it gives off 20 lumens with 3000k of warm light temperature. Unfortunately, however, there are only two brightness levels.

The Glucusent LED Neck Reading Light is our top pick for the best book light because of its ergonomic design and six different brightness levels. However, if you're looking to shine a light on your e-reader, the Ytuomzi LED Reading Lamp is a great pick. And, if you're concerned about bright light interrupting your sleep cycle, the Vekki Amber Rechargeable Book Light's soft amber glow will be best for you.

We selected these book lights and reading lights based on the number of positive reviews on each product and reading customers' experiences with the products. We also looked at the price and selected book lights and reading lights that are different enough to give you plenty of options.

While a book light tends to be a type of light specifically used for reading a book or novel, a reading light can be used for not only reading but also writing, sketching, working on a computer, or crafting. But, again, both lights are considered the same thing.

Whether you're a natural night owl or have some last-minute tasks to complete, there's no mistaking the importance of a clip-on reading light. Having the right light can help you tackle your reading, writing, and other detailed tasks while remaining convenient and ready to use at any time.

I bought 3 for the lamps in my lounge. They emit such a lovely calm and soothing light yet it is just the right level of brightness. The yellow glow makes the room feel cosy. Will definitely buy more for other rooms.

I bought a cheap pair of blueblockers off Amazon and was pleased with the results of not being exposed to blue light constantly. I then heard about BluBlox and how they only filter out the bad blue wavelengths while other glasses just block all. I am so glad I tried them!! They're a hundred times better than the pair I bought, and the Summer Glo is amazing. ALSO- woah it's like putting on high def glasses. Awesome product! Well worth the investment. The quality of the frames is top notch too.

Red light therapy is great and I owned three different units already before purchasing a Hive. I wanted a small unit that was portable and the Hive is exactly that. It's so easy to use. The output is very powerful. And the best part is there are no detectable EMFs. My other units give at least a small amount of EMF which kept me from using the units too close to my skin. But with the Hive I feel fine to put it right up next to the area I want to treat. It's my favorite red light device!!

The LuminoLite combines flexibility and function with a bendable neck and multiple light settings. Its yellow-toned light is easy on the eyes, and two brightness settings make it easy to read anywhere. It comes with a micro-usb cord that makes powering up a breeze.

While the CeSunlight is great for sitting up in bed and reading in just the right position, it can present a challenge if you want to relax any other way. Our tester found that laying on their side to read with this light was impossible because the book light leaned to the side along with them. They also found that they had to hold the book at a certain height so that the light emanating from around their neck could illuminate it properly. Simply put, this light will work for you, but only if you find the right reading position and stay there.

Why? They found the touch button unnecessarily difficult to use when an on/off switch could have performed the same feature. Plus, they found that the bulky clip made it difficult to turn pages. Moreover, it was awkwardly shaped and obscured the pages, making it nearly impossible to clip onto a book.

First, we combed through hundreds of book light reviews on Amazon to find the lights users liked best. Then, we took to sites like Book Riot and Hooked to Books to see what the literary-minded section of the internet recommends. We also scoured the forums on Goodreads to see what passionate readers are looking for in a book light. Finally, we consulted with one of our own testers, who reads an average of four books per month. Then we used all of this information to select our top contenders.

We avoided book lights that exceeded $25. Why? We found that any models above this price point were similar or identical in design to their lower-priced counterparts. We also chose to only test a couple of the most highly-rated e-book lights, since many electronic reading devices are already illuminated enough on their own.

Style and features: There are almost as many styles of book lights as there are genres of books. Some have a flexible neck (or even two) while others wrap around your neck. Some are designed to clip onto an e-reader while others are well-suited for a flimsy paperback. 041b061a72


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