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[Users Choice] Nelson Textbook Of Paediatrics 19th Edition Pdf

The third scenario involves the choice of fluid for the non peros period after an abdominal operation. Hypotonic fluids were still the preponderant choice (in 69.2% of cases) for postoperative management, and 41 of 91 respondents to the present survey selected 0.2% NS. A randomized controlled study by Yung and Keeley3) found that postoperatively, children can show greater declines in plasma sodium concentration than adult patients, and thus need to be treated with isotonic salines. The textbooks also recommend that surgical patients should receive isotonic fluids at least 6 to 8 hours postoperatively6). A significant majority of respondents prescribed a hypotonic saline for postoperative management, which can increase the risk of iatrogenic hyponatremia.

[Users choice] nelson textbook of paediatrics 19th edition pdf


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